Frequently Asked Questions

Fence details

What kind of fences does ezhome build?

We offer three different types of fences:

  • Basic dog-eared fence: This fence features non-overlapping 6 ft high boards with curved tops on one side and the frame on the other side.
  • Professional grade Good Neighbor fence: This fence features overlapping boards for added durability, and each side of the fence looks identical. This is ideal for fences on shared boundary lines.
  • Professional grade Good Neighbor fence with lattice: This fence is the same as our professional grade Good Neighbor fence, with the addition of a lattice on top for added height and privacy.

What materials does ezhome use for fences?

We use construction common redwood for our fences. It’s naturally resistant to rot, insects, and warping. This makes it a better choice than many other types of lumber for fencing and outdoor use. We currently don’t offer different stain options.

Why should I replace my fence instead of repairing it?

It’s very hard to just repair parts of a fence since the panels are structurally connected. If someone offers you a repair, they may break other parts of the fence as they are removing panels and then it may end up costing you more.
If you only repair parts of the fence, you’ll have mismatched panels that have aged differently. This creates a generally undesirable appearance.

How long will my new fence last?

Because we only use redwood for our fences, you can expect a lifespan of around 25 years with regular maintenance. Other types of lumber will typically only last 5-15 years because they’re not as resistant to rot and insects like redwood is.

Will ezhome also install my gates?

We can also install a matching gate for your fence, for an additional charge. Gates are made of the same material as your fence and have a powder coated latch so you can lock it.

What is the typical timeline for a project?

On the first day of the job, we’ll take down and safely dispose of the old fence. After that, it typically takes one day to install 60 feet of fencing.