Frequently Asked Questions

Skip or reschedule a visit

Although we don’t currently allow rescheduling visits, we do allow skipping visits. If you skip a weekly visit, you will resume service as normal the week after. If you skip a visit that occurs every 2 weeks or more, it will be rescheduled one week later and then resume the normal frequency after that.

Skipped visits are not charged, and there is no fee to skip a visit. You can submit a request to skip a visit at any time before the day of service. Note that once a visit has been skipped, it can’t be added back to the schedule.

You can skip a visit by clicking the “Skip next visit” link in the My Service page of your account. If the “Skip next visit” link is not available, it may mean the service has not been scheduled yet. Please wait until a few days before your service date and check back again.