Frequently Asked Questions

Tree removal


Our experienced and fully-insured crew will remove the entire tree, including the branches, trunk, and resulting debris. This will leave the stump and roots, which depending on accessibility, we can also grind down at an additional cost. You can request a quote for tree removal here.

What will my quote include?

Your quote will include the total cost for taking down the tree and removing any debris that can't be left curbside from the site. If you want the stump gone too, let us know, and we’ll include it in your quote.

How do you determine the quote?

To provide you a fast and hassle-free quote, we use photos you send us along with public information available through Google Earth. You will have the opportunity to provide additional information about the tree, such as type and whether or not you want the stump removed.

How will my tree be removed?

Our experienced and fully-insured crew does the following on each job:

  • Check the surrounding area for obstacles (proximity to your home or other homes, other trees, a fence, overhead wires etc.)
  • Check the tree itself for dead or hanging branches
  • Check the trunk of the tree for signs of hollow or rotten wood
  • Observe the way the tree is naturally leaning to establish the best and safest angle for removal
  • Safely and securely lower all branches down to the assisting crew
  • Safely reduce the trunk and base of the tree with a chainsaw

Will the roots also be removed?

If stump removal is part of your quote, we will grind the stump down 8 inches below grade (ground level). Our standard practice is to leave the extension roots. If you’d like, we can prepare a custom quote to remove as many roots as possible.