Frequently Asked Questions


How does scheduling work?

We’ll schedule your regular service day automatically. Your service will normally be on the same day each week, but may occasionally vary, along with the time.

Can I change my service frequency?

You can change your service frequency as needed for your lawn mowing service. Your options are every week or every other week. Note that if you change your service frequency, your day of service might change. We always look for the most efficient slot to limit driving for our gardeners so we can keep delivering great value to you. Frequency changes will take effect immediately.

Please note that the service frequency for conventional weed spray and power hedging cannot be changed.

How quickly can I start?

By default, we look to start within the current or following week. Most customers get their first service within a couple days. You can also select a delayed start option at sign up ("start service week of xx/xx/xx”) to have us start after that week.

Can I skip or cancel a visit?

Yes, you can skip a visit at no charge by making the request in your account 48h in advance. By default, if you request to skip a visit we will add you to the schedule for the following week. Please note, if you have service every other week, your yard will not get service for 3 weeks.

There is no fee to skip a visit, and you will not be charged for the skipped visit.

What if it rains or there’s a holiday on the day of my service?

We observe major holidays so our field technicians can enjoy these special days with their families. We hope you will support our commitment to creating a quality workplace for our employees, just like we are committed to delivering a great service to you. If your mowing & blowing visit day is a holiday, you will be notified about the skipped visit, and get the opportunity to request a make up visit if you need it.

On rain days, our crews will try to work, but mowing while the ground is wet may damage your lawn. If they determine they cannot service your home, you will be notified.

We will plan to come back as soon as possible (typically the next day) and we will never charge you for visits we don’t do! For less frequent services (e.g., monthly or quarterly), we will shift the visit such that you get the expected number of visits throughout the year.

Can you come only at a specific time or on a specific day?

Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate specific time or day preferences — we try to service nearby homes on the same day so that we can keep prices low for you, and avoid driving around your neighborhood multiple times each week. Typical service hours are M – F, 8 am – 5 pm. We do not offer weekend service.

Can you come only when I’m at home?

We cannot guarantee that the gardener will come at a specific time, but you can use your online account to leave a “Read First” note for the gardener.

Can you avoid coming when my kids are sleeping?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the gardener will avoid particular hours during the day. We deliver great value by making sure our gardeners spend time taking care of customers instead of driving. To be efficient, we service homes in your neighborhood at the same time, and cannot avoid particular times.

Can you avoid coming before 8 am or after 5 pm?

We start our service at 8 am, so you don’t have to worry about us coming earlier. Most days, our gardeners finish work before 5 pm, but on rare occasions, unexpected circumstances may result in a longer work day – particularly during the busy spring/summer months.

I live in San Jose and I don’t have a green bin. Can you arrange to come the day before the yard-waste pickup?

The city of San Jose offers green bins (yard trimmings carts) for less than $5/mo and that is our recommended option since it avoids unsightly piles of debris in front of your home. The bins come in three convenient sizes (32, 64 or 96 gallons), and the fee is paid with your property taxes. You can read more about the green bin fees here and order one online or over the phone.