Frequently Asked Questions

Power hedging


We’ll trim your hedges using power hedge trimmers, trimming back growth and maintaining their shape and height as needed. After we finish the trimming, we’ll clean up all the debris and put it in your green bin. Finally, we’ll spray the trimmed plants with a growth regulator that slows shoot growth and promotes branching, giving shrubs and bushes a fuller, more compact, uniform shape. Growth regulator is pet-safe and reduces the necessary pruning frequency on plants. The result is more uniform growth that keeps the original shape for ~12 weeks, depending on the bush and weather conditions.

What hedges and shrubs are included with this service?

We train our gardeners to recognize which of your shrubs/hedges were power hedged in the past, as well as to gauge prior height and shape. We use power hedge trimmers, so this service is not appropriate for someone who prefers a natural look that requires hand trimming. In addition, for the safety of our workforce, we don’t use ladders as part of this service. We cover only hedges that can be reached from standing on the ground — usually under 6 feet (depending on the height of the gardener).

Why is this service only offered once a quarter?

A quarterly visit for the non-flowering shrubs/hedges in your yard is sufficient with use of the growth regulator.