Frequently Asked Questions

Large tree pruning


Keep your trees healthy by regularly trimming dead, damaged, and diseased branches. ezhome’s large tree pruning service is for trees over 10 feet tall and is performed by experienced and fully-insured crews. You can request a tree pruning quote here.

Why should I prune my large trees?

Regular tree pruning is important for many reasons:

  • Reduce hazards to people and property — Dead and dying branches may be unsafe. Overly dense vegetation can block the wind from safely passing through the branches, which puts the tree at risk for being blown over by strong winds.
  • Prevent rot — If the center of the tree is too dense with vegetation and debris is allowed to collect, rot can develop and attract pests.
  • Manage your light — Have shade where you want it but not at the expense of visibility and light.
  • Control the look — Pruning gives you the shape and height you want. 

How often should I prune my trees?

Fruiting and flowering trees should be pruned yearly for the tree’s best health and yield. Other large trees should be pruned and inspected for unsafe branches every few years or more often if you want to control their growth.

How do you determine my quote?

To provide you a fast and hassle-free quote, we use photos you send us along with public information available through Google Earth. You will have the opportunity to provide additional information about the tree, such as type, when you request the quote.

Will you remove all of the tree debris (branches, leaves, etc.) once the service is complete?

We remove all debris that can’t be left curbside.