Frequently Asked Questions

Service policies

Will I have the same field technician each visit?

Our company commits to deliver uninterrupted service no matter what happens with the personal life of the field technician (e.g., sickness, vacation, career change). As such, we cannot guarantee the same gardener every visit, but we do guarantee employees with the same quality of training and equipment.

How do I communicate specific preferences on tasks?

To guarantee consistent service delivery week after week, for all field technicians, we put significant effort into training our field techs to deliver services “our way.” If your yard has unique needs, our service may not be for you. You may want to find a dedicated gardener that you can train directly.

What are “Read First” notes and what can I put in them?

The “Read First” notes are notes that you can leave for your field technicians when they arrive at your property. You can use them to provide any special access information or unique information about your yard. There is no need to add any instructions about the service itself, which will be performed according to the prescribed way we train our personnel. We will let you know if we need to remove notes which are outside the service scope (e.g., hand trimming plants, watering pots, pick-up yard waste, tidying furniture etc).

Here are some examples of good “Read First” notes:

  • The side gate door needs to be pushed up in order to close
  • Avoid the sprinklers in the middle of the back lawn when mowing because they stick out
  • Please do not mow the back lawn next week as we are planting new sod

Keep in mind that requests regarding scheduling or frequency changes should not be placed in these notes, as they will not be seen until the field technician arrives at your property.

Can I add custom tasks for the field technician?

We only offer services that we can train our field technicians to execute in a consistent, affordable, and timely manner. We do not support custom tasks to avoid disappointing you or needing to charge additional fees.

What if there is dog waste on my lawn?

We love dogs, but we haven’t figured out how to train our gardeners to pick up dog waste consistently. Hence, picking up dog waste is not a service we offer. Please ensure any dog waste is removed from your lawn before your visit so that your field technician can mow.

Can my pets be outside during service?

Your pets must be inside during our visits. As much as we love them, they can easily get scared by the equipment noise or our field tech’s presence, or even escape the yard as our gardeners bring in equipment. For their safety and our field tech’s, if pets are in your yard we will not be able to service your property.

Can you only use battery-operated mower/blower/tools?

ezhome holds city licenses and follows all legal restrictions applicable in your city (electric equipment use, noise time and day, watering and spraying). We use standard gas-operated equipment in areas without restrictions. If your city has very strict regulations, we may not be able to service your area.

Can you call me/knock on the door before you start work?

You’ll be notified in advance prior to each visit, and you can use the “Read First” notes to give any additional information to the field technician. You should feel comfortable talking and interacting with your field technician on site, but if you need to communicate with the field tech every visit, our service may not be ideal for you.

Can you water my pots or vegetable beds?

Unfortunately, no. While we love well kept gardens, our weekly or bi-weekly visits are too infrequent to provide the needed amounts of water for your pots or vegetable beds. To avoid harming your plants, we have instructed our field technicians to decline such requests.

Can you pick up yard waste?

Our field technicians will pick up any of their own yard waste created during the service. However, they will not pick up large tree branches, non-organic debris, and debris that isn’t from our services.

Can the field technician scoop up debris from my pool?

Our field technicians are trained to avoid blowing or trimming debris into the pool. For safety reasons, we advise our personnel to avoid scooping up leaves from pools. In the rare case when debris accidentally lands there, you will be notified.

Can you take before/after photos to show the work you’ve done?

We experimented with “before and after” photos, but found that most customers weren’t satisfied with the extra time required from field techs to take the photos. We may bring this back in the future, if we see many customers ask for photos as an add-on service.