Frequently Asked Questions

Conventional weed spraying

What’s included with this service and what isn't?

We’ll spray conventional herbicide on all hardscape areas where weeds can grow. This includes all pavers, concrete cracks, your driveway, and surrounding driveway and sidewalk areas. We will also spray areas that are mulched or covered with landscaping rocks. We’ll weed whack tall weeds and pick up dead weeds before spraying.

A weed for some customers is a beautiful flowering plant for others. For this reason, we train our gardeners to focus on the hardscape or low vegetation areas where it is more obvious what needs to be sprayed and what does not, and to avoid damaging any of your plants. We will not weed your lawn, vegetable garden or planter areas.

Does this service include hand weeding?

This service only includes spraying for weeds and removal of tall weeds; it does not include hand weeding.

Will you remove all the weeds from my yard?

We strongly recommend regular weed spraying to all our customers to keep their yard clean of weeds. However, do keep in mind that our weed spray service is what it actually says: a spraying service, not a hand weeding/cleanup visit. New customers that have lots of weeds should order a weed cleanup service and coordinate it with beginning the spraying service to get the best effect.

What weed spray substance are you using? Is it harmful to humans or pets?

We use plain Roundup, the same Roundup that you can buy yourself from Home Depot. The Roundup we use kills the plants that it touches. It doesn’t have a long-term effect on the soil, which means that you can always decide to plant an area that has been treated before. Note: there are Roundup-label products that do leave a long-term impact, but we don’t use those. The chemical used in Roundup (glyphosate) is one of the most common herbicides used by the farming industry. So, most fruits & vegetables you buy at the supermarket are coming from fields that have been treated with that same chemical.

How long do I need to keep my kids or pets off the lawn after spraying?

You’ll receive a notification after every spray visit to make sure that you know when we sprayed your yard. According to the Roundup label, Roundup poses no health danger to pets. You should be safe to let your children and pets play in your treated yard as soon as the Roundup dries, which takes as little as 30 minutes. However, we usually advise kids and pets to stay away for the yard for 2-3 hours after spraying.