Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn mowing service


We’ll edge and mow your front and back yard lawn and then blow clean the hardscape of your yard. We’ll bag the clippings and put them together with all other yard waste in your green bin. You’ll receive a notification with what we did and when we did it, and you’ll be able to manage the service via your online account. No more stake-outs to talk to your elusive gardener!

What's included in the service?

This service includes mowing your lawn, edging the lawn’s perimeter, bagging the clippings into your green/yard waste bin, and subsequently blowing any leftover clippings from the concrete onto the lawn. We’ll cover all areas of your lot that have a lawn, including your front and your back yard (if it is unlocked) and any lawn along the sidewalk of your property.

We’ll use the blower to clear debris off all your hardscape, including driveway, patios and pathways covered with rocks, bricks, or pavers, both in your front yard as well as in your backyard. Our blowing service only includes blowing your hardscape areas, however we may blow debris as time allows from low vegetation soft areas (dirt, gravel, mulched areas). All resulting debris will be put in your green bin.

What's excluded from the service?

This service excludes thorough raking, blowing of softscape areas with high vegetation (planting beds, shrubs), and excludes any plant care. If the majority of yard is covered by mulch, we’ll opt to leave debris there rather than blowing away your mulch. The service also excludes checking your sprinklers or fertilizing the lawn or planters. Please check your account for additional available services.

Who is your lawn mowing service recommended for?

The ezhome lawn mowing service is perfect if you have a simple yard (mostly lawn and hardscape, fewer plants). We’re a great fit if you value convenience, reliability, and ease of use over customization, and you prefer to manage your service online vs in person.

What frequency do you recommend for this service?

We offer both weekly and bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) frequency. We recommend choosing the weekly service plan so we can keep your yard neat. However, a bi-weekly plan is a good alternative if you have a small yard with few plants.

Keep in mind that choosing bi-weekly service will make it harder for your gardener to monitor and report any issues with your yard. Your yard will also look less-maintained between visits.

What if my yard hasn’t been serviced for a while?

If your property hasn’t been serviced for a while, we may require an extra cleanup service before your regular mowing service can start. This involves up to three hours of work and additional charges. We require your approval before we begin. If more than 3 hours of cleanup time is required, we may not be able to provide service.
Cleanups include cutting tall grass, edging, blowing, and weed whacking (except for highly vegetated areas). The cleanup service does not include hedging, pruning, deadheading, hand weeding, spraying. We will place all debris in your green bin. We will bag any excess debris and leave it next to your green bin.

How do I communicate specific preferences on how the tasks are performed?

If you believe that your yard has unique needs, our service may not be right for you. We put significant effort into training our gardeners to deliver services “our way.” This guarantees consistent service delivery week after week, gardener after gardener. We train our gardeners to mow in a specific way, where to spray, and what to hedge. If you want tight control of exactly what your gardener does, you may want to find a dedicated gardener that you train yourself to keep your garden exactly the way you want.

How well are your gardeners trained to mow?

Even though the majority of our employees have had years of experience in the landscaping industry, we retrain our gardeners to ensure that a common set of best practices are being followed. A few of the topics that we cover include how to mow wet or sloped or dry lawn, replace broken sprinklers, edge in a straight line and follow safety precautions.

What if my sprinklers are broken during mowing?

If we break any sprinklers and notice it, we will try to immediately replace them and notify you. If you are confident that our gardener broke a lawn sprinkler and did not notice it – you can leave a “Read First” note for the gardener and they will fix it in the next visit.

Who is responsible for managing my lawn sprinklers?

We will happily mow and edge your lawn, but adjusting the timer controls as needed and the health of your irrigation system remains with you, since we don’t want to risk using settings you won't like.

Will the gardener edge around sprinklers?

Our gardeners are trained to maintain your lawn as is. Whether you have a clearing for your sprinklers or leave it covered by the lawn around it, we’ll keep it the way you like it.

Do you mulch lawn clippings?

We do not mulch clippings. During the growth season the lawn grows a lot between mowings. To avoid burying the lawn in clippings, we instruct our gardeners to put the clippings in your green bin.